Polished concrete is an innovative, economical and environmentally friendly process of mechanically grinding and polishing concrete utilizing industrial diamonds & impregnating hardeners. It is the perfect application for; commercial & business facilities, industrial plants warehouses, retail locations, showrooms, schools, museums, and government buildings.


Acid staining / dyed concrete, is a decorative finish for concrete surfaces that produces an array of finishes that not only change the surface color, but also permeate the concrete creating a rich translucent tone. A finished acid stain concrete surface is an ideal way to give your home or business a customized look. There are eight standard colors available for acid staining concrete. While these colors are primarily hues of brown, there are blue-green stains as well. For additional colors, these standard colors can be mixed, to create a color that enhances the space and desired style. This versatility makes it the perfect choice for your home or office space. Acid staining can be done to most concrete surfaces so long as said surface is free of grime, coatings, glues, curing membranes or sealers. Many concrete contractors prefer to use acid staining with newly poured concrete, as this ensures the concrete is free of any items that can hinder the staining process.
Dyed concrete floors offer a wide range of customizable options and are ideal for commercial flooring. Concrete dyes move beyond the color range of concrete acid stains, as they have many more vibrant colors that can be blended to create an even greater color spectrum for your concrete floors. Concrete dyes are formulated using extremely small molecules of color, and along with the correct solvent or water, will penetrate any cementious surface when properly prepared. we use earth-friendly floor polishing systems and concrete dyes that can create both a translucent acid like appearance and a rainbow of vibrant colors. Floor dyes may be used on standard concrete floors, integral colored concrete and dry shake color hardeners. Multiple color dyes may be used to create floor designs without the use of a saw cut to separate colors as needed with acid stains. Concrete dyes may be used over top of each other if a multiple color is desired. Flooring dyes, along with our polished concrete systems, create dyed concrete floors superior to a dye system with a sealer.
Unlike acid stains, the floor colors are not reactive and will continue to intensify with each application.
Concrete dyes may be used on exposed polished concrete floors, as well as a cream finish polished concrete.
Floor dyes are more predictable as to the final outcome of the color compared to acid stains which are reactive and somewhat unpredictable.



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